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Our Slogan


Our slogan highlights two unique attributes that set us apart from many other coffee houses.

Roasting Coffee


Contrary to what your mother may have told you, coffee does not grow in a can. Your morning cup begins its life on a coffee farm, growing from a tree. The coffee “fruit” is known as a cherry until it is hulled, revealing the bean itself. The cherries are handpicked from the trees. After harvesting, the coffee beans are pulped to remove the soft flesh and then the beans are fermented in water for 10 to 36 hours. The beans are then washed and dried in the sun. This process is labor intensive, expensive and time consuming for the farmers. (It truly is amazing that coffee doesn’t cost $100 or more per pound.) Finally, the coffee is shipped to the roaster in its green bean form (Yes, the beans are literally green before they are roasted.)

So how do we roast the beans you ask? Hint: take a gander to your left. What you see is a YM5 drum roaster. The green coffee beans are heated in the large rotating drum, using temperatures of about 450 F. The tumbling motion of the drum prevents the beans from burning. Roasting is not an exact science. It requires an artists touch. Roast masters use sight, sound, and smell to decide when the beans are roasted to perfection. Timing is everything. Roasting time affects the color and flavor of the final brew, so the length of the roasting period depends on the type of coffee desired (shorter for drip coffee, longer for espresso).

It is during the roasting process that the flavor of the bean is developed. However that flavor has an enemy, oxygen. Coffee should be stored in air tight containers in a dark dry place for maximum freshness but even under optimum conditions, coffee begins to stale in as little as 7 days. Stale? Yes, stale. Most of the coffee Americans consume every single day is indeed stale. Americans traded fresh coffee for convenience when we bought into the canned coffee craze. Burlap and Bean is committed to restoring America’s wayward ways by introducing fresh coffee back into the market place, one community at a time.

Brewing Harmony

Look for this Label


Burlap and Bean will be roasting and brewing fresh coffee every day of the week, with Sunday as the exception. Our motto: six days we labor and on the seventh day we rest. After all, it was God who first demonstrated, “rest is the entering into and the enjoyment of a finished and perfected work.”

The mission of brewing harmony starts with providing an atmosphere that encourages community. We will do our part by greeting you warmly and serving you with a smile. We will do our best to get to know you and let you get to know us. We will cover our walls will local artwork and give musicians a place to showcase their talent. We want our coffee house to be an environment that inspires the artist that dwells within each one of us. Burlap and Bean is a place for friends to gather, a home that births intellectual conversation and artistic expression over a shared cup of steaming hot coffee. We designed a cozy place for you to escape from the stress of your daily grind (yes pun intended) and hope to see you doing just that.

Secondly, Burlap and Bean painstakingly searches the globe for farmers that offer the most exceptional Arabica coffee beans available today. Our time spent ensures you a premium cup of gourmet coffee every time. The products offered by Burlap and Bean will brighten your day, your life and the lives of those who worked so hard to put that coffee in your hands.

How can our coffee shop do this? We will offer Fair Trade Certified products. What does that mean? Unbeknownst to most of us, the farmers who grow the majority of coffee we enjoy are living in extreme poverty, despite producing a good crop of coffee. Fair Trade ensures that family farmers have a decent working and living condition, receive a fair price for their product, support environmentally-friendly farming practices and produce top-quality products. By offering Fair Trade coffee we are committed to raising awareness in our community about these conditions and we are inviting you to join us in making a difference.  To learn more about Fair Trade, please visit TransFair USA.

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