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Store FAQs


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the online store below.
If your question remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 How are shipping and handling fees calculated?

Shipping charges for all non-PO Box addresses in the continental US are accessed at the following rates:

$6 for the first item.  $2 added for each additional item.

All other addresses (including Alaska, Hawaii, and international postage) may require additional shipping fees.

 What are the rules of sales tax when purchasing on the internet?

Short Answer:
If you live in Pennsylvania, 6% sales tax will be reflected at checkout.

Long Answer:
There are 3 main rules to remember when conducting commerce online.

1. Buyer and seller located in the same state: seller collects the sales tax for the buyer and remits to the state.

2. Buyer and seller in different states where the seller has a presence (office, warehouse, employee) in the buyer's state: seller again collects sales tax on behalf of the buyer and remits to the buyer's state.

3. Buyer and seller in different states where the seller does not have a presence in the buyer's state: buyer has the responsibility of paying sales tax to his state. 

Therefore, if your order is being shipped within Pennsylvania, 6% sales tax will be reflected at checkout.

 Do you offer wholesale or volume discounts?

Currently the online store does not discount an order based on quantity ordered.

 What if I need more than 10 lbs, or more, of a particular coffee?

If you intend on purchasing bulk quantities of coffee, please visit our wholesale page, or contact us so that we can work with you on pricing.

 What is unroasted green coffee, and why is it half the price?

A coffee bean is actually the pit of a cherry from a coffee tree. Before enjoying your cup of brew, this little seed must undergo a series of processing steps, in fact coffee is one of the most processed products we consume. The last step before grinding is the art and science of roasting. This has the biggest impact on the development and alteration of the flavor specific to each bean.

Since we import this raw, or green, coffee to roast in our cafe, we can also offer it to you as an alternative to our roasted coffee. If you have a home roaster and enjoy roasting your own beans, this is a nice option. Since this saves us the effort of roasting for you, it is also a more economical way to purchase coffee, usually almost half the price.

 How do I remove an item I accidentally added to my cart?

If you make a mistake when selecting items to purchase, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the reset button.

 Do I need a paypal account to buy from the store?

No. Although we use paypal to facilitate checkout, you do not need a paypal account to purchase from our store. 
Just follow the instructions under "Don't have a PayPal Account" at checkout to pay with a credit card number.

 What if I am unsure what grind-size to select?

The method or machine you will be using to prepare your coffee determines how fine the coffee should be ground. Generally speaking, the faster the extraction, the finer the grind.

For example, a french press allows the coffee to steep over a period of time, therefore the grind will be more coarse whereas an espresso machine will use pressure to force water through the grinds very quickly meaning the grind size should be more fine.

If you use a more traditional coffee maker, select "Auto-Drip".

 Why can't I purchase flavored coffee in whole bean form?

Due to the method we use to produce flavored coffees, only ground coffee is available.

 How long will my coffee be good for, and how should I store it?

We suggest enjoying your coffee as soon as possible.  We do package all coffee in a sealed bag equipped with a one way valve to ensure the freshest possible coffee.  This will prevent oxygen from entering the bag until the seal is broken.  We also recommend purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding as needed, just before brewing.  This will also provide the freshest possible cup.

Once your coffee has been opened, it is best to store in an air-tight container at room temperature.  There are no benefits to placing your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.  In fact, this practice probably will detract from the flavor of the coffee, since it may take on the other aromas and moisture present in the refrigerator or freezer.

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