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455 West Baltimore Ave
Media, PA 19063
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204 South Newtown Street Rd
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What People are Saying


We are very encouraged by the warm welcome we have received.
Here are just a few comments and some of the feedback that has been sent to us...


"I wanted to contact you guys and thank you for making such good coffee and for listing the roast date on your bags. I used to roast my own coffee so I know how essential it is that coffee be fresh. I always look for a roast date, and Burlap and Bean is one of the few who have this listed on the bag. Also wanted to mention the Sleepy Hollow blend and the Decaf are both amazing."

"Kudos to Burlap and Bean, a wonderful listening venue in a strip mall that I'd guess is similar to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. I was impressed with soundman and emcee, singer songwriter Kyle Swartzwelder who had the sound just right. Also impressive was the way the door person who would not allow folks to enter until the artist was between songs as the entrance was near the stage. She'd pop up and outside to advise folks they had to wait lest they distract artist and audience. Just the little extra attention to detail that shows they're serious about being a listening venue. The place was cozy and intimate, comfy chairs and couches by the fireplace......really nice."

"Roses are Red,
Coffee is Brown.
You are going to be
the Talk of the Town"

"First and foremost thank you for coming to town. I am absolutely in
love with the coffee and the whole atmosphere of B and B. Marple appreciates our "third place.""

"Burlap and Bean ...The only good thing about the morning!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful first visit to your store today. I ventured in with my sister and two of my children while my 3rd child was at the Little Gym. We enjoyed learning about the coffee roaster and watching the beans mix together. The store is so inviting and warm – a place you really just want to stay! My 6 year old son said to me, “Mom, I wish we lived here!” We’ve been waiting a long time for a local coffee shop in Newtown Square, thanks for being the ones to provide it. I plan on frequenting it often. Oh, and the Gingerbread Latte was delightful! Best wishes for a successful venture."

"I told Summer that we need to get ready for the day. we are taking a trip down to B&B. She started jumping up and down saying "I LOVE IT THERE!!! MOM, I love the big HUGE necklaces in the windows." HA! i guess she doesn't know what garland is:) i love the perspective of a child:)"

"Mom Tara is the bestest hot chocolate maker ever! i don't even have words to tell you how good this hot chocolate is!"

"We stopped by today and got the nice sumatra beans, I ran home to try it, it was a pretty nice earthy, smooth cup, low acid like i like...so I wanted to tell you, thumbs up.! If you ever get a good sulawesi or celebes let me know I will drive up soon after roasting. "


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