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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Kari Tumminia.

Since her very first painting at the age of 12 with a set of Bob Ross oil paints to attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduating with a degree in design, Kari has been continually evolving as a painter and an artist– her most recent collection being no exception. Primarily non representative, her recent work holds a sense of improvisation, high energy, and an emphasis on the painting process. Instead of using paint to carry out a visual idea, she was thrilled to discover the visual idea through the process of creating it. Not bound by description, this series focuses on capturing the event of painting, allowing the movement, layering, and texture of her mixed media palette to create near-sculptural pieces.

She is most influenced by nature and the colors, patterns, and textures found within it, as well as her background in design. The obvious layers, marks, and mistakes highlight the process of making the piece. They bring the viewer to the moment when the artwork was created, in essence making the viewer “present” in the moment of creation, or in his or her own “moment” of viewing. He or she must study each mark made. She hopes that each individual will become aware of the “mindfulness” of each mark and movement of paint on the canvas and the reliving of creation, of being in the moment.

Kari lives and works from her studio in South Jersey. She is currently accepting commissions.




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