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Artist of the Month

artist of the month  

The walls of Burlap and Bean are currently
featuring the work of Claudia Strepp.

ART FOR WILD LIFE CONSERVATION - The fate of animals is indissolubly connected with the fate of men. - Émile Zola

I am in love with animals, the wild ones and the tamed ones. I have always felt a great connection to these sentient beings and it is obvious to me that their well-being is in great danger. From the elephants that are slaughtered for their ivory to the cruel round up of wild horses. We have work to do. My way of contributing to help stopping their extinction, abuse and to raise awareness is through art. Creating artwork that just simply shows their incredible beauty and strength. So let's go into the wild and meet them. This latest body of work is called BE - WILDERED.

About Claudia Strepp:
Born and raised in Germany, she traveled extensively and after a career in modeling, she started her artistic endeavors with a BA in dance in Vienna. After living in Tel Aviv she moved to NYC where she fell in love with filmmaking and directing. Her short film: "Falling from Grace" with John Savage was awarded at the Tribeca film festival.

After several cross country trips and living amongst the wild mustangs in the Sierra Nevada she decided to focus on WILD LIFE and its conservation through her photography, fine art and filmmaking. Besides working on this series she is working on a docu series called Cecil's army, which shies a light on the efforts of wildlife conservationists and activists.




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